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Geothermal in the Oil Field Symposium

Presentations available for download

Opening Remarks
Tim Reinhardt, Geothermal Technologies Program

Geothermal Development in Texas: Resources and Lessons Learned
Maria Richards, Southern Methodist University

NREL National Co-Production Resource Estimate
Chad Augustine, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Geothermal Opportunities in Sedimentary Basins in Colorado
Paul Morgan, Colorado Geological Survey

A Raton Basin Geothermal Prospect
Hal Macartney, Pioneer Natural Resources

Geothermal Development at Oregon Institute of Technology and Klamath Falls
Toni Boyd, Oregon Institute of Technology

Tracing Injection Fluids in Co-Produced Geothermal Fields
Peter Rose, Energy & Geoscience Institute

LTCG Roadmap
Lunch Roundtable Discussion

A Portable Unit for Testing O&G Co-Produced Power Generation
Dwight Rychel, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council

Why Using Binary Power Generation in the Oil Field Makes Cents
Will Gosnold, University of North Dakota

Geothermal Prospects of Co-Produced Water in Utah
Rick Allis, Utah Geological Survey

Geothermal Potential in Wyoming
Seth Wittke, Wyoming State Geological Survey

Geothermal Potential for Montana Oil and Gas Fields
Kathi Montgomery, Montana DEQ

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