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RMOTC is an energy testing center with unique capabilities, partnering with industry and academia to field test a broad range of products and processes in a real-world environment. Located on a 10,000-acre U.S. Department of Energy site within Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 (NPR-3), RMOTC provides infrastructure and expertise to validate new technology for our test partners.

As a DOE facility, RMOTC has no vested interest in any specific technology. We support the energy industry by testing new ideas specific to drilling, oil & gas production, flow assurance, geothermal systems, renewable and alternative energies, carbon management, environmental impact mitigation, and more.
Latest News

Announcing May Sale of Equipment & Materials
April 2014 | News
RMOTC's next sale of equipment and materials is scheduled to run for two weeks from May 3rd to May 17th. This sale will be done via public online auction through the GSA website. All items to be sold and sale details will be available on our website. Sign up to our mailing list to stay informed.

Increase in Production Revenue at NPR-3
March  2014 | News
Over the last 5 years from FY09 to FY13, RMOTC has generated over $17 million dollars in production revenue, with revenue from FY14 set to exceed FY13. Learn more about our Production efforts and Production Optimization projects here.

SWEA for the Divestiture of RMOTC & NPR-3
March 2014 | News
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) prepares Draft Site-Wide Environmental Assessment (Draft SWEA) to evaluate the potential environmental consequences due to the discontinuation of the government operations at RMOTC and NPR-3. Review Report Here.

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